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Last updated:June 1/21

Customer Queue
# Customer Suit Status
1 Patrick Digi Dragon In queue, on hold at customer request
2 Trevor Plan Hoatzin-phoenix In queue, waiting on final payment
3 Edward Digi creature with clothing In progress
4 Sasha Plan Dragon In progress
5 Eddie Plan tiger with wings In queue, waiting on DTD
6 John Plan Fox In queue, on hold at customer request
7 Jamie Digi Dragon In queue
8 Evan Digi Dragon In queue
9 X Cosplay In queue
10 Scott Digi Leopard In queue
11 Restrained Raptor Digi raptor In queue
12 Steve Digi Charmeleon In queue
13 Brandy Dragon hands,feet, and tail In queue
14 Thomas plan Canine x2 feet In queue
15 Lance Plush Winged wolf In queue
16 Morgan Dragon In queue
17 Storm Digi Gryphon In queue
18 Austin Canine Head In queue
19 Zain Digi Sergal In queue
20 Hector Plan dragon In queue
21 Dani unicorn partial In queue
22 Monica puppet In queue
23 Luke Faun Legs In queue
24 Daniel Plan dragon In queue
25 Taylor Digi Lizard In queue
26 Chadawick Delphox In queue
27 Blue Hasia Plan Dragon In queue