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Convention Schedule 2017:

  • Further confusion
  • Furlandia
  • Fur-Eh
  • Dragon Con
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Commission List: Status CLOSED

Last updated: July 12/17

Customer Queue
# Customer Suit Status
1 Angela Horse In queue, on hold at customer request
2 Stefanie Digi body and feet In queue, waiting on DTD
3 Matt Rat In progress
4 Meaghan Wing arms, tail feet In progress
5 Mayron Digi Husky In queue, sourcing materials
6 Kai Twitch Cosplay In queue, sourcing materials
710 Will Cheetah arms and paws, wolf arms and paws, sock spats In queue
8 Mike Tauren In queue
9 Eric Zebra body and clothes In queue
10 Athena Lemur Partial In queue
11 Steve Digi dragon In queue
12 Kendra Fox Head In queue
13 Shrawn Digi dragon In queue
14 Riccardo Digi Lizard In queue
15 Johnny Charr In queue
16 Nicodemus Artistic liberty bird In queue
17 Sebastian Digi Cat dragon In queue
18 Steve Bunny Partial In queue
19 Rene Pokemon In queue
20 Daniel Bird In queue
21 Mathias digi Dragon In queue
22 Kevin Plan Dragon, with clothes In queue
23 Ashley Digi Gryphon In queue
24 Kumotuki Charr with clothes In queue
25 Robin Digi Dragon In queue
26 Mike Digi Dragon with tabbard In queue
27 Ryan Zebra Partial In queue
28 Weston Digi shark In queue
29 Rociy Plan wolf In queue
30 Kenneth Digi Dragon In queue
31 Andrew Naga In queue
32 Luke Fat padded Dragonite In queue