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Convention Schedule 2016:

  • Fur-Eh
  • Biggest Little Fur con
  • Anthrocon
  • San Diego Comic Con
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Commission List: Status OPEN

Last updated: August 14/16

Customer Queue
# Customer Suit Status
1 Angela Horse In queue, waiting on DTD
2 Flow Head In progress
3 Steve Dog partial In progress
4 Bethany Plan angel dragon In progress
5 Mark Digi Raptor In queue, waiting on DTD
6 Andrew Cat Partial In progress
7 Malinda Bugbear partial, no feet In queue, ordering materials
8 Brandon Digi Sergal In queue
9 Patrik Digi dragon In queue
10 Erik Digi canine In queue
11 Stefanie Digi body and feet In queue
12 Dustin Canine partial In queue
13 Benjamin Plan wingless dragon In queue
14 Robert Charr In queue
15 Jocelyn Canine Partial with sandals In queue
16 Jeff Digi Canine In queue
17 Razgriz Avali In queue
18 Zakk Plan Dragon In queue
19 Blue Hasia Plan dragon In queue
20 Beau Digi Wolf dragon In queue
21 Matt Rat In queue
22 Meaghan Wing arms, tail feet In queue
23 Mayron Digi Husky In queue
24 Kai Twitch Cosplay In queue
25 Will Cheetah arms and paws, wolf arms and paws, sock spats In queue
26 Mike Tauren In queue
27 Eric Zebra body and clothes In queue
28 Athena Lemur Partial In queue
29 Steve Digi dragon In queue
30 Adam Dragon tail In queue
31 Kendre Wolf Head In queue