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Convention Schedule 2019:

  • Further confusion
  • Fur-Eh
  • Anthrocon
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Commission List: Status OPEN

Last updated: Jan 14/18

Customer Queue
# Customer Suit Status
1 Shrawn Digi dragon In queue, sourcing materials
2 Jan Shark In queue, waiting on DTD
3 Sabre Dragon In queue, discussing materials
4 Mike Digi Horse In progress
5 Grant Digi Deer In queue, waiting on finalized ref
6 John Plan Lizard In queue, waiting on DTD
7 Alyssa 3/4 Partial Critter, waiting on DTD In queue
8 Joseph Digi Minotaur x2 hands In progress
9 Ian Plan Skunk In queue
10 Blue Lemon Dragon In queue
11 Jeremy Digi Dragon In queue
12 Dice Artistic Liberty In queue
13 Heidi Digi Monster In queue
14 Brad Plan Rabbit In queue
15 Jeremiah charr with clothes In queue
16 Natalie charr In queue
17 Colby Crux In queue
18 Jonah Plan shark In queue
19 Angel Digi Deer In queue
20 Martin Digi Grovyle In queue
21 Justin Digi Dragon with clothing In queue
22 Gregory Digi Dragon In queue
23 Johnny Digi Dragon In queue
24 Max Digi Horse In queue
25 Trick Bear/Ferret In queue
26 Mary Plan Cat In queue
27 Gabriele Digi Alien In queue
28 Athena Digi Goat + Rabbit partial In queue
29 Alexander Digi Dragon In queue