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Convention Schedule 2020:

  • Further confusion
  • Calgary Expo
  • Otafest - CANCELLED
  • Fur-Eh
  • DragonCon
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Commission List: Status OPEN

Last updated: Mar 29/20

Customer Queue
# Customer Suit Status
1 Grant Digi Deer In queue, on hold at costumer request
2 John Plan Lizard In queue, waiting on DTD
4 Jeremiah charr with clothes In queue, waiting on DTD
4 Natalie charr In queue, waiting on DTD
5 Devyn Slazzle In queue, waiting on materials
6 Adam Digi Dragon In progress
7 Aaron Dragon Partial, no feet In queue, discussing materials
8 Gus Komodo Dragon In queue, waiting on finalized ref
9 Kai Plantigrade Rat In queue
10 Jon Nevrean In queue, waiting on materials
11 Jenna Plantigrade Bodysuit and feet In queue, waiting on DTD
12 Owen Plantigrade dragon In queue
13 Justin digi Dragon In queue
14 Savage Digi Dragon In queue
15 Patrick Digi Dragon In queue
16 Erin Digi Dragon In queue
17 Joel Wolf Puppet In queue
18 Bats Plan imp In queue
19 Steven Digi Sergal In queue
20 Alex Digi dragon In queue
21 Brian Pokemon In queue
22 Mike Hornet In queue
23 Juliene Digi Dutch Angel dragon In queue
24 Nick Digi Otter In queue
25 Robert plan dragon x2 feet In queue
26 Douglas Owl partial In queue
27 Travis Mouse partial In queue
28 Bryan Digi Snake In queue
29 Trevor Plan Hoatzin-phoenix In queue
30 Edward Digi creature with clothing In queue